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Hear From Past Participants

Kind Words From Our Past Participants

VMAC is unique in that participants are genuinely invited to ask coaches to play with them. Also, there is the daily “booking” table for assistance. The spirit of everything VMAC is supportive, loving and all inclusive. The college facility is superb which includes delicious, locally sourced food. And to top it off, Fun Night earns the, “Best Laughs of the Year” Award!

Lorel Nazzaro

VMAC is a summer music workshop like none other in that it can be whatever experience one wishes it to be. In addition to playing music in a group organized with a coach, one can invite others to play any other music they wish. VMAC also offers a daily early music session, Madrigals, and folk dancing. It is a friendly, noncompetitive environment where friends reunite year after year and also make new friends, bonded by our love of music.

Barbara Lakota

I have found my summer musical home at free-wheeling yet intimate VMAC. I have been to many other workshops, but none offers what VMAC does. Come check us out!

Diana Cole

As January rolls around, once again I start thinking about VMAC – even though it’s still six months away.  It’s being with friends and colleagues, making music, taking morning walks, pigging out on icecream, and playing ping-pong.  Amateur musicians are the kindest, most joyful people.  It’s a pleasure knowing them, being around them – and being one of them.

Richard Wharton