VMAA Vermont Music and Arts Association Center


Musical Events

Daily Musical Events

Early Music Workshop:

Daily ensemble playing, under the tutelage of a staff member, of music for recorders, viols, etc., with and without voices. VMAC owns a harpsichord, which is also available throughout the day. We also have an extensive library of baroque and early music (but it is not cataloged with the rest of the library holdings).

Madrigal Workshop:

Daily work on vocal music, often from the 16th and 17th centuries but with excursions into more modern works.

Weekly Events

Large Ensemble:

Each week opens with an evening of orchestral music, sometimes with soloists or chorus, depending on the instrumentation available.

Piano Duet Workshop:

Music for piano four hands and for two pianos will be coached.

Bach Bash:

Each week one there is an open reading of some works of Bach and other baroque composers. Singers and instrumentalists often prepare solo parts.

Folk dancing:

An hour of international folk dancing engages all interested parties. Beginners are welcome; dances are taught.


Performances by participant volunteers and faculty give both players and listeners the opportunity to enjoy works studied during the week. Groups of staff perform weekly, usually a string and sometimes a wind WoW on Tuesday, and WoW ensemble with piano on Friday when individual faculty also perform with participant volunteers.

Unscheduled Events:

As participant interest warrants, several unscheduled offerings may be available, such as voice production workshop, voice class for non-singers, Tai-Chi or Yoga or relaxation techniques or instrumental techniques.