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Donate To VMAC

We’re glad we did it.

By fiscal standards, your board took a less-than-prudent leap of faith to get our beloved VMAC up and running again last summer after a two-year break. But we’re glad we dipped significantly into our reserve funds: the lion’s share of our cumulative losses had been driven by the decision to pay our faculty and staff during both canceled seasons.

We did that because our faculty are the heart of VMAC. Lower enrollments and a shortened Week One last summer also took their toll. Despite these dents in VMAC’s finances, we were able to make music together again in 2022, jump-starting the program, making plans to restore fiscal health as soon as possible, and looking forward to less lean years to come.

In short, we’re ready to be prudent again. Only differently.

In order to better support one of our largest fixed costs, we’re launching sponsorship options for five faculty positions.

Eventually, we would like to cover all faculty positions through sponsorships, and even end up with several fully endowed chairs.

Here’s what we’re thinking of to get started:

  • any amount large or small is welcome.
  • your name(s) or the name of your group will be listed on the new VMAC website, in all concert programs involving faculty, and wherever else appropriate.
  • contributions can honor all kinds of people, including those who have everything.
  • contributions can be made in memory of someone who loved VMAC, or who introduced you to the world of music-making.
  • VMAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. A receipt will be furnished for contributions all of which are 100% tax-deductible.  

Ready to pitch in?
Great! Let the sponsorships begin.

Rather Mail your donation? Please make out a check to VMAA (or VMAC) and note on the memo line which chair  faculty member of position you would like to support. You may also specify which week if you like. Then mail it to our VMAC Coordinator, Judy Terwilliger, at the address below.

Judy Terwilliger
P.O. Box 63
New Tripoli, PA 18066

Like to donate by PayPal? Click the Donate button and be sure to use the Remarks column on PayPal to say which chair or faculty position you’d like to support, and for which week.

And  if you love VMAC please consider us in your estate plan.