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Works Of The Week

2024 WOW List

VMAC participants spend most of their time playing new or familiar works in groups they arrange themselves as the week evolves. However, each year the faculty suggest a few works, known as Works of the Week, or WOWs.

Groups wishing to participate usually form a month or two before the VMAC week.  These sessions are coached and typically meet for 3 sessions.  The intent is to thoroughly learn a particular work. These groups may chose to study works not on the WOW list.

The coach selected by the participants may play in the group or coach from outside, as desired.

Newcomers, not knowing the coaches or participants, are not expected to form groups for these coaching sessions.  Once a group has been formed, we will arrange meeting times for the sessions.

Players participating in prescheduled groups are expected to number their sheet music and to prepare their parts.  Sorry, no more than 2 pre-scheduled groups per person. You may arrange multiple sessions on a work of your choice, but it you must do the scheduling yourself.

Players not in a WOW group can still play works on the WOW list in their organized sessions – and be coached, just not for 3 pre-scheduled sessions.

2024 WOW list

String works:

Haydn String Quartet in d minor, op. 76, no. 2 “Quinten”     I:154; II:67; III:52; IV:267
Dvorak String Quartet in F major, op. 96 “American”   I:178; II:97; III:196; IV:382

Piano/String works:

Beethoven Trio in B- flat major, op. 97 “Archduke”   I:287; II:443; III:194; IV:410

Wind works:

Holst Wind Quintet in A-flat, op. 14, H.67  I:126; II:93; III:106; IV:197
Hindemith Chamber Music for Five Woodwinds, op. 24, no. 2   I:75; II:90; III:88; IV:23; V:163
Hallam Dance Suite for Wind Quintet   I:75; II:44; III:82

2023 WOW list


String works:

Beethoven: Quartet in D Major, Op.18, No. 3
I: 269; II: 151; III: 168; IV: 364

Mendelssohn Quartet in D Major, Op. 44, No. 1
I: 374; II: 225; III: 155, IV: 316

Piano/String works:

Mendelssohn Trio No. 2, in C Minor, Op. 66

I: 399; II: 107; III: 266, IV: 353

Schumann Quartet in Eb Major, Op. 47
I: 355; II: 217; III: 130; IV: 324
(in the scherzo, the piano repeats are written out
so the measure numbers don’t agree with strings.)

Wind works:

Roseman Renaissance Suite

Lefebvre Quintet Suite No. 1, Op. 57

Rimsky-Korsakov Quintet in Bb Major, (Fl, Cl, Bsn, Fr Horn, Piano)

2022 WOW List

String works:

Haydn: String Quartet in D major, Op. 64, No. 5 (“Lark”)
I: 179; II: 84; III: 66; IV: 128

Prokofiev: String Quartet No. 2 in F major, Op. 92
I: 159; II: 160; III: 439

Piano/String works:

Mozart: Piano Quartet in G minor, K. 478
I: 251; II: 149; III: 360

Brahms: Piano Trio in C major, Op. 87
I: 367; II: 170; III: 175; IV: 224

Wind works:

Ewazen: Cumberland Suite for Woodwind Quintet (Theodore Presser)

Persichetti: Pastoral for Woodwind Quintet (Schirmer)