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VMAC participants spend most of their time playing new or familiar works in groups they arrange themselves as the week evolves. However, each year the faculty suggest a few works, known as Works of the Week, or WOWs, as being appropriate for coaching with a group that has been arranged in advanced and whose members have numbered and practiced their parts. The coach selected by the participants may play in the group or coach from outside, as desired.. These coached groups typically meet 3 times. Newcomers, not knowing the coaches or participants, should not expect to play in one of these groups the first year.

Once a group has been formed, we will arrange meeting times for the sessions. There is a restriction in this advance scheduling: that no participant may be part of more than two groups. This does not preclude a person from scheduling additional multiple-session groups once everyone has arrived in Vermont.

Preparation involves studying one's part and the score, numbering the measures and listening to recordings. Since partipants live quite far from one another, previous rehearsing is not expected. The list below includes the total number of measures in each movement, where available. See also the guidelines for numbering measures, where totals are also given for the movements of many other works. The importance of having measure numbers for the efficient coaching cannot be over-emphasized. (Where numbering is not available, we'd appreciate your sharing your count via either of the email addresses on the home page. Some works are published with enough rehearsal letters not to need numbering, but these are in the minority and editions can vary.)

The 2017 WoW list was presented at the October board meeting:

String works:
Beethoven String Quartet op. 18 #4

Dvořak op. 51
  I:202; II:302; III:96; IV:398

Piano/String works:
Beethoven Trio op.1 #1
  I:293; II:123; III:215; IV:478

Shostakovich Piano Quintet
  I:121; II:171; III:279; IV:101; V:289
Rehearsal numbers are plentiful enough and uniform across known editions
that measure numbers are not really necessary.

Wind works:
Milhaud Cheminée du Roi René

Irving Fine Quintet
  I:123; II:90; III:20; IV:313; V:39