Visual Arts

The hours not spent in making music are an opportunity to pursue a visual art project. Bill Tulp is available throughout the day to advise, help and inspire. That gives musical participants a chance to rest their ears and avoid over-use of those important muscles. Non-music-playing guests often enjoy a visual art project.


In 2017, Bill Tulp has decided to offer printing on fabric - T-shirts or other items - because the project had been very popular. Blank T-shirts will be available at a low charge, but consider other fabric items you might like to turn into works of art.



As always, anyone who wants to draw or paint or use any of the other art supplies is welcome to come to the Art Room to do so. Bill Tulp will be happy to help you with your work, or you can also work on your own. Please stop by anytime to see what we are working on, even if you decide not to do art yourself. Bill is looking forward to another great summer.








2015 - Marbled Papers






2014 - Stepping Stones