Pictures of a Suite in the Rita Bole Complex


Each suite contains six single bedrooms and two bathrooms, centered around a large common area with a kitchen, sofa, chairs and table - and plenty of room for our larger chamber ensembles. Pictures of the common room show all or part of the table near the kitchen.




Most of the common areas will be our playing rooms. We plan to house the music library in one of them and use the bedrooms for practice rooms, moving the beds into the common area to support the boxes of music. Each suite has its own microwave, stove and refrigerator


Bedrooms open off the large common room. LSC's campus tour has a link to Bole and shows a 360-degree view of a dorm room in a more lived-in state, with the chest of drawers placed under the bed, which has been inverted to stand higher off the floor. The music library in Crevecour was supported on inverted beds, for a better working height. There are two private bathrooms with accessible shower in each suite




Many thanks to Jeff Stewart for the photos. Zoom in to enlarge them if you want.