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VMAC (the Vermont Music and Arts Center) is a workshop for serious amateur musicians who would like to play chamber music in an informal and congenial atmosphere - to "take a vacation with music." Participants in VMAC are automatically members of the Vermont Music and Arts Association (VMAA). The members elect a governing board, which administers the Center. Please take a trip around our website to learn more about us.

VMAC differs from most workshops in that our faculty usually play with us rather than listening and teaching from the outside. Instead of being assigned groups for three or four pieces of music, we choose our own repertoire and form our own ensembles, which may include one of the coaches at our invitation. Playing with the faculty - being coached from within the group - inspires us, and we learn from their example. Selected "Works of the Weeks" (see links to various activities, left) are suggested for groups that want more formal coaching, but particpants may ask for coaching on a different work of their choice. See the Daily Schedule page for a more complete description of the program.

To derive maximum benefit from the program, participants should come prepared to play at least a few works from the standard chamber literature. The staff will gladly provide coaching on prepared works. Elementary instruction is not offered, but experienced musicians who are new to playing chamber music are very welcome.

At home we may not have the right combination of good players for larger works or unusual instrumentation, but VMAC provides winds, singers, strings, pianos, harpsichord, and an extensive music library. It gives us the opportunity to revisit works we have studied in other workshops, and to introduce other musicians to our lesser-known favorites. Most participants play with a great many others and encounter a wealth of new pieces as well as the old favorites.

The Center maintains a library of over 1000 performing editions of chamber music, from baroque to contemporary, for strings, winds, keyboard, and voice.

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2017 Dates
65th annual season

July 9 - 16
July 16 - 23
July 23 - 30



Our move to Rita Bole was very successful. Larger rooms to play in, elevators, a kitchen and two private baths in every suite. Prospective participants may view photos of a suite, and join the campus tour. The Faculty have elected to remain in Stonghenge.


Works of the Weeks for 2017 as of the Fall board meeting included string quartets Beethoven op. 18 #4 and Dvořak op. 51; strings and piano Beethoven Trio op.1 #1 and the Shostakovich piano quintet; and wind works Milhaud Cheminée du Roi René and Irving Fine Quintet

Vocal News

Murray Kidd will take a leave of absence.

David Giessow, bass, will be the sole vocal coach.and Randy McGee, tenor, will not be able to attend, contrary to the announcement in the June Newsletter.

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Newsletter June 2017

erratum: Randy McGee cannot be a vocal coach this year

The Faculty page has been updated for 2017.

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